Serve on FPGD Comittee

FPGD is looking for individuals to serve on the following committees.

  • Business Operations & Finance
  • Congregation Relations Committee
  • Fundraising/Development Committee
  • Public Relations and Marketing Committee

Host Congregation Volunteer Opportunities

If you are a member of one of our host congregations listed here join other members of your congregation in extending a helping hand of hospitality to our guest families during your congregation’s host week. Volunteer opportunities include:

Setup and takedown

  • Rearrange furnishings to create space for sleeping and inflate air mattresses and make beds.
  • Put room furnishings back into their original places, deflate air mattresses, launder & store linens.

Prepare Dinner

  • Either at home or in the congregation’s kitchen
  • Typically, dinner courses are divided up between volunteers.

Evening Hosts

  • Socialize with guests or play games with children and/or adults.
  • Plan an activity for the children or help with homework.

Overnight Hosts

  • Join another member of your congregation and spend the night to insure safety and in case of an emergency.
  • Wake guests the next morning and set out food for breakfast.

Driving the FPGD Van

  • Pick up guest families from Day Center at 5 p.m. Sunday – Saturday.
  • Return guest families to Day Center; Sunday-Friday by 7 a.m. & Saturday by 10 a.m.